Mobile Biometrics

Please note that availing of optional services does not guarantee the applicant a visa. The decision to grant or not an applicant’s request for a Schengen visa and the validity term of the visa, if granted, comes under the exclusive prerogative of the Consulate.

Mobile Biometrics Collection Services are for applicants who wish to submit their Visa Application and Biometrics at a venue of their choice. Applicants applying for a Schengen Visa can now experience convenient, professional and state-of-the-art services in the comfort of their home or office. Eliminates the requirement of making any travel arrangements and ideal for large groups and families – for a more cost effective experience.

Appointment timeframe

Number of applicants



1 applicant

40000 KZT


2 applicants

72000 KZT


3-4 applicants

120000 - 128000 KZT

2 Hours

5-10 applicants

160000 KZT

4 Hours

11-20 applicants 280000 KZT

8 Hours

20-40 applicants 480000 KZT

Fee for the respective service can be paid online by Credit/Debit card or by bank transfer in local currency (KZT) - as specified by the Consulate/ Embassy.

** All documents for each application pack needs to be completed and meet all the requirements as specified by the Consulate/Embassy.

*** Biometric enrolment is applicable only to applicants of 12 years of age and above.

To book a Mobile Biometrics Collection Appointment please call us on +7 727 323 15 07 or send us an emal:

Important Information: Using this service does not mean your visa application will be processed more quickly or that you will be issued a visa. Your visa application will be processed in the normal way by the Consular Department of the Embassy of Greece in Nur-Sultan.